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Locate and Seduce

Jess Jupiter shows us why a woman with all that power deserves to have any title she wants.

Last Guardian

Rocket into Minnie's new set as she evaluates you for the best rag tag team of space saviors.

Big Klutz

She Erisaka takes pride in working as hard as she can to serve others. It's what makes her happy.
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What Came First, The Geek or the Goddess?

In our story, they are one and the same. Oracle and Jessica Nova created MyGG to fill a void they found missing in the world of sexy online websites. They wanted a site that didn't' just celebrate nerd culture but celebrated the women of all shapes and sizes, backgrounds, and fandoms that took part in that culture.. They wanted to create a safe haven for nerd based models where they would be treated with respect and able to create in an environment that seeks to continually foster their growth. In no scenario should someone be made to force between aspects of their personality, here at MyGG we embrace the geek and the goddess as compliments to the same amazing multi faceted whole.
At MyGeekGoddess we aren't here to sell you the best most realistic carbon copy of your favorite characters, we are here to introduce you to real women that share your fandoms and are passionate about all their geeky interests. Our models are cosplayers, nerds, geeks, and dorks from across the world ready to embrace themselves and their creative side in erotic art that you get to enjoy as a member. We want you to meet and interact with our models because it's not about the fantasy it's about the reality.
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" Leaving no corner of fandom overlooked "

Here at MGG we are always open to connecting with like minded people. If you would like to shoot for us or model, you can reach us through social media! Don’t be shy, you know you want to 😉

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