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Hello All,

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Holy Rabies...I feel so bad, I forgot this thing was here O.O -headdesk- OPPSS, Clueless Nerdee strikes again. >.>

So many things with me are going on, being updated, shoots planned, and amazing things rolling out! I can not wait to show you all alot of the things being worked one! I AM EXCITE!

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Hey everyone!

So many fun events going on soon! I will be at MegaCon in Orlando. I really wanted to try to go check out Inked and Geeked. I am entering the WBFF Bikini Competition June 17th in Orlando. Pretty excited and nervous. Should be a lot of fun. Has been a journey. If you would like to attend please look it up and check it out!

Love you all

Hope to meet some of the fans at MegaCon!


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Geekin Out

Ugh, trying to keep up with everything has my head spinning! I should really write more blog entries! Just had a fun week celebrating my birthday, and location scouting. I've been urban exploring like crazy, but my search for a dilapidated playground is out of reach still. It's been a real pain, but something will work hopefully!

Hey Geeks! Reya here.

I'm new here and so happy to be a part of MGG! I hope you enjoyed my Rey set! My Slave Leia set is coming out soon...I LOVE it and I hope you guys do, too. I'm kind of in love with Star Wars so you'll probably be seeing alot more Star Wars themed stuff from me, hehe.

I am also available for custom sets (going to post that on Nova's thread asking) and they don't have to be Star Wars themed! What costume do you want to see me in? I'm so excited to dress up for you! :D

xoxo Reya Fet

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new here

hey everyone! i have beeing working at some cosplay specially for GG, i am new here sooo i hope you all enjoy my future sets!
i'm really excited to show what i came for ! :3


So happy to be a part of Geek Goddess!

Hope you'll enjoy my upcoming sets


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Getting pumped for my next set!

looking forward to my next set!
working on finishing up the cosplay so it will be even more epic and awesome to show off!
its going to be slightly different from my Cammy set I think, I want to make it much more aggressive!
been working on the new parts now for a week and will have it finished and ready to be shoot by next month!
looking forward to this set and more! to come.

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How was everyones holiday!

Well I had a wonderful Vacation in Ireland. A must visit! Did you know someone falls to their death every year at the Cliffs of Moyer! So crazy! I did not go to close to the edge lol.
Well had a wonderful X-mas but do miss my family back home. Do not miss the below zero weather lol. So cold nose hairs frozen in your nose.
New years Eve Spent the whole night with some great friends and got to play the New Mortal Combat all night! Had so much fun!


So I've FINALLY gotten a functioning laptop, and I can start being active on here! Yay! I sent out all of my Christmas Cards the other day, and I cannot wait for you all to receive them. And i'm even more excited for the Android 18 set to go live. Fingers crossed that it wont be too much longer now. :) What is everyone doing for Christmas!? I cannot believe it's next week already. WHY!? My ass is broke. I'll be enjoying all the hot chocolate and praying for a magical reality where we have a white Christmas but NOT while traveling. BECAUSE WHO WANTS TO DRIVE IN SNOW!? Not this guy.