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I have a tumblr. People should follow it. I post things and lurk there and stuff. http://iamthenefelibata.tumblr.com/

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Yes, I am indeed lurking.

High school is still a thing, as the youngest model here. And it is most definitely kicking my sexy rear end. But low and behold, parental guilting and mooching money off of them while I wait for my next paycheck is a thing. *sigh* I really need to get out and sew. Just take the seven million yards of fabric I have and make something with it.

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It would seem to me that this place is getting quieter and quieter...unsettling... *insert grumpycat face*

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Greetings from Magnolia

Hello all!
I thought I should formally introduce myself to everyone. I'm Nightshade, pescatarian, Fairy Tail aficionado, aspiring painter, and from what people tell me, a generally nice person. I've never been really sure how I was supposed to write one of these "Hey let me be narcissistic and talk about myself" posts, so we shall see how this turns out...