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Battle For the Net

If you woke up tomorrow, and your internet looked like this, GeekGoddess looked like this, what would you do?

Imagine all your favorite websites taking forever to load, while you get annoying notifications from your ISP suggesting you switch to one of their approved “Fast Lane” sites.

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Bodies, Bullies and the Geek Goddess

We received an interesting question through our Tumblr account the other day. I was trying to decide how to respond but I couldn’t. At least not in a nice neat little blurb, for the issue is far more complex than a few sentences.

The Question?

How do you, as a company, deal with Internet hate directed towards your models? How do you feel you're different than other cosplay modeling websites out there concerning hate for different body types, etc?

The first thing I want to address is what you might call the elephant in the room.

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Sex and the Feminist

How can I be a feminist and help start a site like GeekGoddess?

It’s a question I’ve gotten before and I’m sure that I’ll get it again. I’ve received similar versions of this question for much of my life when my actions didn’t seem to match what someone’s idea of a feminist was.

Am I a feminist? Most certainly. I’m a little older than most of the Goddesses and that means I come from a generation that isn’t afraid of the term. I’ve always thought it a little odd that women nowadays seem to shy away from it.

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The Epidemic of the Nerd Bully

It saddens me to write this, but it needs to be said. There has been a lot of talk lately about gender, perception and who is worthy of the title of Nerd or Geek. And while the subject of has been hashed and rehashed I don’t know that I've heard anyone break the problem down to its core. And if we don’t examine the why how can we ever hope to fix The Nerd Bully.

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Why Is Nudity Naughty?

This is a question that has often baffled me. I mean, we are born naked; truly there is no state more natural than being naked. When I walk my dog she’s naked and no one seems to mind. Oh but she’s got fur. What about those weird Chinese crested dogs? They aren’t required to put on pants to leave the house.

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What Is GeekGoddess?

GeekGoddess is a membership based website founded by two geeky women that will launch over Labor Day Weekend. We will feature artistic nudes of the female figure with a geek spin. While predominantly focusing on the subculture of the nerd and geek, our focus on the beauty of women is timeless. We will put the art back in erotic art. We will set ourselves apart from the competition by celebrating the true beauty of the geek female and her community. We will raise her up and she will become a Goddess.