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Geekin Out

Ugh, trying to keep up with everything has my head spinning! I should really write more blog entries! Just had a fun week celebrating my birthday, and location scouting. I've been urban exploring like crazy, but my search for a dilapidated playground is out of reach still. It's been a real pain, but something will work hopefully!

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Winter Finales Are So Depressing...

So, today I watched the Winter finales for two of my favorite t.v. shows. I won't say what they are, so it won't be spoiled. Anyways, I just have to say that I can't believe that both of my favorite shows took this as an opportunity to send my favorite characters from each show to hell. Like, holy shit guys. So, now I have to wait til January in one case, March in the other (what is with that wait?!) to find out what happens to my favorite people. I'm having a depressed fan moment, this is so long to wait.

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Oh My, I'm a Blog Failure!

I have no idea why I've totally spaced on the fact that I should be writing blogs for you all! I am the worst social networker ever. I do however have a pretty good excuse...I downloaded a Gameboy emulator on my I've once again been trapped by the addiction that is Pokemon. I'm currently playing through Emerald again, such love! I also had to beat Lillith for the second time for a replay on DMC (Devil May Cry), and that replay is consuming my life as well. I seriously want to cosplay Dante so bad, but man, quite the pricey cosplay! ;D.