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Hey everyone!

So many fun events going on soon! I will be at MegaCon in Orlando. I really wanted to try to go check out Inked and Geeked. I am entering the WBFF Bikini Competition June 17th in Orlando. Pretty excited and nervous. Should be a lot of fun. Has been a journey. If you would like to attend please look it up and check it out!

Love you all

Hope to meet some of the fans at MegaCon!


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How was everyones holiday!

Well I had a wonderful Vacation in Ireland. A must visit! Did you know someone falls to their death every year at the Cliffs of Moyer! So crazy! I did not go to close to the edge lol.
Well had a wonderful X-mas but do miss my family back home. Do not miss the below zero weather lol. So cold nose hairs frozen in your nose.
New years Eve Spent the whole night with some great friends and got to play the New Mortal Combat all night! Had so much fun!

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Whats going on..................

I have been a home body and would love to meet up with some of the other local geekgoddess to get to know each other hang out have some fun. If any one is interested let me know. :) Maybe meet some of the fans as well.
On another note I am heading to Ireland soon! My first thought....................... What Pokemons can I catch there!!!!!!! He he
I will take lots of pics and share. Dublin here I come!!!!!!!
When I get back lets meet up and set something up!:)


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My muze

So I have been pretty anti social for quit some time. Not socially handy capped just so tired of the drama. My group of friends I associate with have become smaller and smaller. As I get older I have grown less tolience for all the bullshit. Backstabbing, jealously, alternative motives. Its hard to find good company am I right!
I am very laid back and am a good friend. Seems no ones around when you really need them. You know your true friends when they stick by you in your darkest times.

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Suicide Squad

Pretty excited getting dressed up and heading to the movies soon. I have heard so many mixed reviews but of course I like to form my own opinion. I have had people say Transformers sucked and seen it and was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! IT WAS AWESOME! I won't spoil it afterwards but I know in my heart that It will not suck!