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Getting pumped for my next set!

looking forward to my next set!
working on finishing up the cosplay so it will be even more epic and awesome to show off!
its going to be slightly different from my Cammy set I think, I want to make it much more aggressive!
been working on the new parts now for a week and will have it finished and ready to be shoot by next month!
looking forward to this set and more! to come.

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BOOM! POW! im officially here!

here it is my first Blog entery!
filling out xmass cards licking stamps making cookies doing all the things!
so excited to be apart of the GG team! and can not wait to shoot my next set! just have to wait till the 1st of the year! thank you all for being so awesome and welcoming me <3 means so much i was so nervous about it but now feel 100% better about the team and joining up! can not wait to work more with every one! and hope to see and meet new girls and guys of the geek gods! thank you so much again <3 now back to xmass CHEER!