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My muze

So I have been pretty anti social for quit some time. Not socially handy capped just so tired of the drama. My group of friends I associate with have become smaller and smaller. As I get older I have grown less tolience for all the bullshit. Backstabbing, jealously, alternative motives. Its hard to find good company am I right!
I am very laid back and am a good friend. Seems no ones around when you really need them. You know your true friends when they stick by you in your darkest times.

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=.= home sick O.O

O man i spent my day home sick <.< but at least i feel like i got a lot done ^_^ i gave my lil dog a bath hehe...I dont think he is very happy with me right now though! he keeps giving me the look like you made me get wet why would you do that to how he loves to get me back is by laying close to me but right out of reach so he can be like HA no pets from you LOL.... he gives in when i feed him =^_^=...So now i am cuddled up on the couch with my stuffed bunny :D!

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Suicide Squad

Pretty excited getting dressed up and heading to the movies soon. I have heard so many mixed reviews but of course I like to form my own opinion. I have had people say Transformers sucked and seen it and was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! IT WAS AWESOME! I won't spoil it afterwards but I know in my heart that It will not suck!

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O.O <.< >.> my first blog! first blog on here... so what to blog about O.O <.< shhhh your not supposed to tell them you may suck at thisss LOL but yay lets give it a shot =^-^= im going to say the more cat faces the better LOL! sooooo....

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Holy Rabies..

I am so sorry to not have posted a blog sooner. I am just getting fully settled in my new apartment and getting things together for another GG shoot! As well as speaking of a cosplay sponsorship! So excited!

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I just won Best Cosplay (overall weekend) at East Coast Comic Con!

I was astonished and cried a lot when they called my name, but my Lady Tremaine (Cinderella 2015) took Best of Show at East Coast Comic Con this past weekend! I was so honored the panel of judges chose mine, there were so many great cosplays there! She's not finished yet, I'm going to go back into her and add more detail, but I was thrilled they respected the attention to detail and craftsmanship that I put into her! 137 hours of labor so far!

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The more you know!

I'm working on a Lady Tremaine costume from the Cinderella 2015! I love glamous cosplays! But today I finished the base of her hat, and when it was still a little too limp, i added heat from a hair dryer and it did the trick, making it nice and stiff!!!

I figure out new things every day! Cosplay is the best thing ever!



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I don't know where the fuck the games thread got off to, but this weekend was the Smite World Championship and (thanks to Kass) I love Smite so y'all are gonna hear about it!


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Winter Finales Are So Depressing...

So, today I watched the Winter finales for two of my favorite t.v. shows. I won't say what they are, so it won't be spoiled. Anyways, I just have to say that I can't believe that both of my favorite shows took this as an opportunity to send my favorite characters from each show to hell. Like, holy shit guys. So, now I have to wait til January in one case, March in the other (what is with that wait?!) to find out what happens to my favorite people. I'm having a depressed fan moment, this is so long to wait.

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Oh My, I'm a Blog Failure!

I have no idea why I've totally spaced on the fact that I should be writing blogs for you all! I am the worst social networker ever. I do however have a pretty good excuse...I downloaded a Gameboy emulator on my I've once again been trapped by the addiction that is Pokemon. I'm currently playing through Emerald again, such love! I also had to beat Lillith for the second time for a replay on DMC (Devil May Cry), and that replay is consuming my life as well. I seriously want to cosplay Dante so bad, but man, quite the pricey cosplay! ;D.