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I want YOU!

Today I shot GG's 4th of July Holiday set. It was SO fun. I hope you guy love it as much as I loved shooting it. I tried to make it very patriotic yet boner inducing at the same time. I may have even thrown in a bit of bondage for your viewing pleasure. ;)

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Philly Con

It's only 8 days away!!! Holy balls! I will be at Philly Con what looks like Friday and Saturday for sure, I am not sure who I will be cosplaying as but it will most likely be the TARDIS and a extra special unreleased or seen costume!! :)

Stephanie Marie...well actually officially now Lady Stephanie Marie

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WOOP WOOP *Happy Dance*

Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of weeks. I had serious business going on with school. But I got it done and graduated!!! YAY!! So now I will have more time to focus on GG stuff and get more cosplays cranked out. Also you might be seeing bit more of me ( wink wink) out and about in the world. I was recently approached about joining a burlesque troupe! Ive always wanted to try my hand at the sexy art of burlesque and am so excited to start rehearsals.

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I have a Twitter account!

Look me up! @pixiepie69 ....69 DUDE!!!

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I have a tumblr. People should follow it. I post things and lurk there and stuff.

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Yes, I am indeed lurking.

High school is still a thing, as the youngest model here. And it is most definitely kicking my sexy rear end. But low and behold, parental guilting and mooching money off of them while I wait for my next paycheck is a thing. *sigh* I really need to get out and sew. Just take the seven million yards of fabric I have and make something with it.

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The Calm:

Well, shit. I havent blogged in such a long time! Once you stop its hard to pick it back up again but with all the craziness thats about to start up this summer it seemed like a great time to log in and be accounted for ^_^ It was that or i log the entire summer's events Blair Witch style - shakey night vision cam with snot running down my nose lol

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Handing in my woman card.....

It's official folks! I am the WORST woman ever. As some of you loyal followers and friends may know, I started makeup artist/FX school back in March. Im an ace at all things makeup so far but the last few days we have had a special guest instructor come in and work with us on "hair bending". Hair bending is just a fancy term for styling hair. Now, other than my monthly upkeep on my atomic pink hair i literally do nothing in the way of fixing my hair other than blowdrying it or putting it in a ponytail. I can't even braid !

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Brittnie Jade, the movie star??

A few nights ago I got an email from a film producer offering me a role in his new movie. Of course I was skeptical at first but then he sent over a script and legal documents. It seemed legit so we talked about the shooting schedule and locations . I was pretty much all in until I got around to reading the script. Now i appreciate a bad horror film just as much as anyone however this was REALLY bad. And I would know! I was in one before. Basically it a group of kids camping ad they all end up dead. But in-between all that there is like SO MUCH random for no reason nudity.

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holy wow!

I had some dental work done recently and got some pain meds. These things knock me right the hell out! As I type this my arms feel like they are floating away .......yeah just thought I would share. I hate meds, altering my brain chemicals and what not. ugh.