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Yes, I am indeed lurking.

High school is still a thing, as the youngest model here. And it is most definitely kicking my sexy rear end. But low and behold, parental guilting and mooching money off of them while I wait for my next paycheck is a thing. *sigh* I really need to get out and sew. Just take the seven million yards of fabric I have and make something with it.

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The Calm:

Well, shit. I havent blogged in such a long time! Once you stop its hard to pick it back up again but with all the craziness thats about to start up this summer it seemed like a great time to log in and be accounted for ^_^ It was that or i log the entire summer's events Blair Witch style - shakey night vision cam with snot running down my nose lol

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Handing in my woman card.....

It's official folks! I am the WORST woman ever. As some of you loyal followers and friends may know, I started makeup artist/FX school back in March. Im an ace at all things makeup so far but the last few days we have had a special guest instructor come in and work with us on "hair bending". Hair bending is just a fancy term for styling hair. Now, other than my monthly upkeep on my atomic pink hair i literally do nothing in the way of fixing my hair other than blowdrying it or putting it in a ponytail. I can't even braid !

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Brittnie Jade, the movie star??

A few nights ago I got an email from a film producer offering me a role in his new movie. Of course I was skeptical at first but then he sent over a script and legal documents. It seemed legit so we talked about the shooting schedule and locations . I was pretty much all in until I got around to reading the script. Now i appreciate a bad horror film just as much as anyone however this was REALLY bad. And I would know! I was in one before. Basically it a group of kids camping ad they all end up dead. But in-between all that there is like SO MUCH random for no reason nudity.

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holy wow!

I had some dental work done recently and got some pain meds. These things knock me right the hell out! As I type this my arms feel like they are floating away .......yeah just thought I would share. I hate meds, altering my brain chemicals and what not. ugh.

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I am going to start blogging yo!

So, I have noticed not very many people use the blogging portion of GG. I happen to love writing and tend to have a lot of random thoughts and ideas. I will start keeping them here. :)
Don't expect anything ultra fancy just know that some random writing is headed your way. If there is anything that you guys would like to see me write about let me know and I will get on it! Other than that expect reviews of everything from comics to movies to music; and maybe even a few rants every now and again. Although, for now, I am off to bed. Hope everyone has sweet dreams

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infinite sad face

Well I'm pretty bummed today. While some of the other Goddesses and pretty much everyone I know get to party it up at MegaCon this weekend, I am stuck doing grown up stuff. I moved from FL to TN today for school. I'm super nervous since I literally havent attended any type of school for years! I hope I make friends, what if Im stuck eating lunch alone out of a sad brown paper bag!? URGH anxiety over load!! Maybe it wont be so bad, maybe makeup school is different from regular school? I'd rather be having cosplay fun and games with everyone down south this weekend.

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Hey guys! This is Brittnie Jade reporting for duty with my first GG blog entry. Super stoked to be here. So yeah, that's pretty much it for now. XOXO

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So I did my shoot for Geek Goddess and believed the photographer would make these look SPECTACULAR!

-_- Thaaaat didnt happen.

Sure some of the pics looks amazing but then there are ones that are just... Well lets say I dont look flattering at all!
And he made a few of the pictures black and white? WTF?

Anywho, this is taking longer than it should so I might try and find someone else to re-shoot the whole set!

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End Entry

End Entry