Emily Astrom


Goddess Name: Emily Astrom

Birthday: December 7th

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Amazon Wishlist: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3EUFSSCQNNB9E/

Favorite Convention: Dragon Con

Dream Convention to Attend: SDCC

Favorite Real Geek Female: Jan Goodall

Favorite Fictional Geek Female: T'Pol

What makes you a Geek Goddess: I've been a turbo-nerd since childhood, always obsessing over Pokemon and D&D, eventually moving on to God of War and Mortal Kombat. My favorite sport is also one of the nerdiest: kung fu. I used to teach. I guess the Goddess part comes from being kinda sorta cute?

What are your nerdy little secrets: I love ren faires way too much. I also collect really colorful Japanese tabi socks, which is weird considering everything else I wear is black.

Favorite Character to Cosplay: Domino

Dream Cosplay: The Female Cenobite

Favorite Food: Oysters

Favorite Movie: Sci Fi: Hellraiser

Favorite TV Show: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Style of Panties: Boyshorts

Dream Geek Goddess Set: It would be awesome to do a tiefling.

Fondest Geek Memory: Being the DM's enforcer. People wouldn't stop goofing off and chatting during D&D, so I was given a flogger and was appointed the task of beating into submission anyone who tried to derail the game. I put the "dungeon" in Dungeons and Dragons.

I am a…

  • Dungeon Master
  • Fashionista
  • Kung Fu Anime School Girl
  • Queen of the Fantasy Realm
  • Zombie Survivalist

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