Goddess Name: Fauna

Birthday: July 19th

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Favorite Convention: DragonCon

What are your nerdy little secrets:nerdy secrets o.O

Dream Cosplay: the perfect melona costume *__*

Favorite Food: sushi

Favorite Movie: coralline / ghostworld

Favorite TV Show: atm archer

Favorite Color: teal / turquoise

Favorite Style of Panties: thong

Dream Geek Goddess Set: morrigan anseland

Fondest Geek Memory: Arguing with my friend about which was better and would
ultimately go farthest in 4th grade (me) Zelda vs (her) Pokémon

I am a...

  • Kung Fu Anime School Girl
  • Queen of the Fantasy Realm
  • Mad Scientist
  • Zombie Survivalist

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