Jess Jupiter


Goddess Name: Jess Jupiter

Birthday: July 27th

Sexual Orientation: Sexy Sexual

Astrological Sign: Leo

Amazon Wishlist: I have a few! Here's my cosplay/crafting one tho! :) -->

Favorite Convention: A tie between Anime Central (my hometown con), C2E2, and Dragon Con!

Dream Convention to Attend: Dragon Con but with no lines, no badge madness, and just awesome people there!

Favorite Real Geek Female: Its literally impossible to name just one! I love all my lady friends who show support for nerdiness!

Favorite Fictional Geek Female: Kate Kane, Leslie Knope, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Hannah from Rat Queens, and Carolina from Red vs. Blue.

What makes you a Geek Goddess: Okay, this is going to sound insanely dorky… You know that high that you get before a convention? Like, you’re excited, nervous, and happy all at once and it makes you jump out of your skin because you might get to meet your favorite celebrity, you’ll definitely spend awesome time with friends, and you’ll have an amazing weekend? After going to conventions for 10 years, I still get that! I spend countless hours (mixed with literal blood, sweat, and tears) working on costumes so that I can feel as sexy as I do badass & as nerdy as I do awesome while I’m cosplaying! I love collecting things, I love making things, I love meeting other people who like this stuff! I love the way being nerdy makes me feel!

What are your nerdy little secrets: I wrote an entire X-Men fanfiction novella in high school. If you get to read it, you'll be inducted into a secret order of readers called "The We Shall Never Speak Of This Again" tribe.

Favorite Character to Cosplay: Another question that is impossible to give an answer too! I cosplay characters and concepts that I love, so each costume holds a special place in my heart. Even the crappy joke costumes!

Dream Cosplay: Belle’s ballgown from Beauty and the Beast! I want to be able to twirl into a ballroom and hum the soundtrack.

Favorite Food: I’m boring. I really like fruit. And popcorn. And ice cream.

Favorite Movie: Oh jeeze……I won’t bore you with a giant wall of text listing movies, haha. I like sci-fi, horror, and romantic flicks. I love movies that make me think about something deeper than face value.

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, Sons of Anarchy. Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Venture Brothers, Archer. And like… a bagillion others.

Favorite Color: #6E00B8

Favorite Style of Panties: Cheeksters! They make every butt look even more awesome!

Dream Geek Goddess Set: Carolina from RvB!

Fondest Geek Memory: I’ve been going to conventions for ten years as of 2015, so I have a lot of amazing memories with old friends, making new friends, meeting the most down to earth celebrities, and cosplaying. There are way too many to list!

I am a…

  • Comic Guru
  • Dungonmaster
  • Fashionista

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