Goddess Name: Kalika

Birthday: April 30th

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Amazon Wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/2HIPXWEG9XMYL

Favorite Convention: Dragon*con

Dream Convention to Attend: NY Comic con

Favorite Real Geek Female: Impossible to decide! I like any woman or man who embraces their geeky side with happiness.

Favorite Fictional Geek Female: This is just as difficult! I love any female character that accepts who she is and lives with passion.

What makes you a Geek Goddess: A love for so many geeky things and people. Add to that an interest in what my favorite characters could be doing on their down time (fan fiction at it's best) and respect for the human body...

What are your nerdy little secrets: I made a Sailor Moon card game. The official card game wasn't doing it for me, and was missing a TON of my favorite characters, so I made my own!

Favorite Character to Cosplay: It used to be Poison Ivy. I love being the sensual bad girl. Now I love being Jubilee. She lives with such happiness and love, it's hard to not enjoy that.

Dream Cosplay: There are two, and I'm hoping to tackle them in the next couple of years. Magdalena and the Phantom (yes, Billy Zane Phantom).

Favorite Food: Steak! Followed closely by poutine.

Favorite Movie: Sci Fi: This is always a strange question. I can't usually choose, I love too many! But I'm going to go with Empire Records.

Favorite TV Show: Friends will always be my feel-good show. Other than that my all time favorites include Buffy, Supernatural, Arrested Development and Deadwood.

Favorite Color: Depends on my mood. Purple or Green are the two I waver between most often.

Favorite Style of Panties: Awesome question!! I enjoy a good thong, and I have worn my fair share of boy shorts, but I feel I look best in cute low-rise panties.
Dream Geek Goddess Set: Jubilee ;) If my

Dream Geek Goddess Set: Jubilee ;) If my dreams are to come true I'll be able to do a Magdalena and a Gadget!

Fondest Geek Memory: Every Dragon*con I've attended.

I am a…

  • Comic Guru
  • Fashionista
  • Queen of the Fantasy Realm
  • Book Enthusiast