Goddess Name: Kappakay

Birthday: September 1st

Sexual Orientation: Gayer than you (aka Lesbian)

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Amazon Wishlist: ....

Favorite Convention: Anime Revolution in Vancouver. Despite growing up in a landlocked region, the sea is home to me. Plus the sushi is just top notch~

Dream Convention to Attend: Colossalcon. A pool party con with a petting zoo nearby? Hell yeah hell yeah that’s my jam.

Favorite Real Geek Female: It’s a tie between Felicia Day and Sam Maggs honestly.

Favorite Fictional Geek Female: Ryuuko Matoi from Kill la Kill

What makes you a Geek Goddess: My nerdy little feet have been dipped in a variety of geek sub-cultures from comics to anime to science to food to comedy. I have a little bit of knowledge in each respective field with extensive knowledge in more specific topics. (I could chat someone’s ear off about the visual storytelling used in Bloodbourne and how a little says a lot, or how racism is dealt with in Fire Emblem 9 and how it reflects on modern society). Through my love of all things nerdy, I’ve become a woman who is confident enough in her body to claim that Goddess title.

What are your nerdy little secrets: I love coffee to the extreme, and, not to stroke my ego too much, I’ve mastered the art of creating the perfect cup. If I’m in a new town, I’ll usually google third-wave coffee shops to see what’s in the area and try it out. I also love marine biology (especially anything to do with sharks), and was once upon a time gonna pursue that career. Then I realized that I don’t like living at a research station where my life is scheduled by the minute for years on end, isolated from urban civilization. None of the above are really secrets, I’m pretty open about all my interests.

Favorite Character to Cosplay: Any character where I can act super flirtatious, whether they’re male or female.

Dream Cosplay: Ryuuko’s final transformation in Kill la Kill. I mean, I’m confident in my ability to create costumes, this one is just more so a symbolic farewell to cosplay forever. If I go out, i wanna go out with a bang- a mostly naked one at that too.

Favorite Food: I’m a sucker for a good bowl of ramen.

Favorite Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I know, weird choice, but it puts a smile on my face everytime.

Favorite TV Show: Kill la Kill, Yuri on Ice, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Legend of Korra,

Favorite Color: Aqua blue~

Favorite Style of Panties: Boy shorts for everyday use.

Dream Geek Goddess Set: Don’t really have one. I have a good joke one filed away.

Fondest Geek Memory: Has to be when I met Misha Collins at Calgary Expo 2014. I was super nervous about meeting him, so i was practicing what I was gonna say to him while I was in line for my photo op. I also wanted to do an extreme pose (just standing around, stiffly smiling, ain’t my jam) and I had less than a second to basically pitch my idea before I got shuffled along. Normally, I don’t get too flustered talking to celeb types, but Misha is someone special I have to say. Anyways, when it came to be my turn, I started doing my request for the photo. I wanted to be held up like a plank more or less… but I got only half of my rehearsed speech out before Misha was nodding and then he just swept me off my feet. Literally. I’m not too embarrassed to say I screeched a little. The photo I got is my favourite thing ever.
I am a…

  • Gamer Extraordinaire
  • Dungeon Master
  • Fashionista
  • Kung Fu Anime School Girl
  • Queen of the Fantasy Realms
  • Mad Scientist