Murderdoll Ivy


Goddess Name: Murderdoll Ivy

Birthday: March 28th

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Astrological Sign: Aries

Amazon Wishlist:

Favorite Convention: DragonCon

Dream Convention to Attend: San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con

Favorite Real Geek Female: Carrie Fisher

Favorite Fictional Geek Female: Lana Kane from Archer

What makes you a Geek Goddess: I've been a geek since I remember. When I like a fandom, I really get very passionate about it and involved with the characters which triggered my love for art and cosplaying. I also believe that we all should explore our beauty and feel comfortable with our body.

What are your nerdy little secrets: I have two: I cry every time I watch Star Wars because I get too excited and I always cheer for the bad guys.

Favorite Character to Cosplay: Usually the ones that require hours of body paint and preparation, like Pinhead, Kratos, Twi'lek.

Dream Cosplay: I've all done my dream cosplays except for Demona from Gargoyles

Favorite Food: Pasta and fried plantains

Favorite Movie: Star Wars (Eps 4-7 and Rogue One)

Favorite TV Show: Face Off, Doctor Who, Archer, Game of Thrones, Ink Master and lots of anime.

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Style of Panties: Boy Shorts

Dream Geek Goddess Set: Jessica Rabbit and Sombra from Overwatch

Fondest Geek Memory: Meeting Carrie Fisher at TBCC. I will never forget that experience!

I am a…

  • Gamer Extraordinaire
  • Fashionista
  • Kung Fu Anime School Girl
  • Sci Fi Alien Queen
  • Mad Scientist
  • Zombie Survivalist