New Adventures in Geek Goddess Land!

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Hi guys! Let me start off by formally introducing myself...

My name is Tia Maria.
Clearly, I'm a new Geek Goddess model and I'm overjoyed with being a part of this team and going through this new adventure!

Okay seriously... Here's a bit about me:
I'm 23 and live in Minnesota (Dont ask me why, I have no fucking clue why I'm here either!). I've lived back and forth from Minnsota (where I was born) to Arizona since I was 8 and had a 2 year stint in Adelaide, South Australia where I studied makeup artistry and hairstyling.

It was in Australia where I found my courage to finally admit that not only do I love to cosplay... but modeling is my dream. It's what I live for! And ever since I've been pursuing my dream!
I've worked for the Stan Lee Foundation, I've been asked to model for and I have just added Geek Goddess to my resume! If you'd like, you are more than welcome to like and share my facebook page at and/or friend me on Fetlife under Tia-Maria!

Fun facts:
1. I'm usually a very open person but I'm raining myself NOT to be.
Living in Australia, I learned that not everyone needs to know EVERYTHING.
2. My favorite "geek" movie is... Crap, I dont know! All of them! lol
3. I stopped believing in Santa when was about 7... I caught mom hauling in presents from the car to the living room xmas eve... I wasnt too upset about it, though!
4. People ALWAYS comment on my eyes. I dont know why, though... They're dark and brown... That's it!
5. My favorite holiday is Halloween... My mom and I go mental over that shit!
6. If money was no object and I had my choice as to where I wanted to live... I'd say ITALY! I'd totally live in a beautiful country Villa!
7. I have 5 tattoos! My little brother's name in the A Perfect Circle text on my right wrist, Bioshock themed tatt on my left, my forarm signed by the Boondock Saints (Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flannery and David Della Rocco), my upper back signed by Stan Lee and my lower back is dedicated to my obsession with corsets... the word FETISH with a corset deign under it!
8. I made the resolution this year to finally get off my ass, lose weight and reach my modeling goals! So far I've worked my ass off (literally) and lost over 25lbs in a month! And I just reached my modeling goals of working for and Geek Goddess! I'm killing it so far!!!
9. There are a few songs that can bring tears to my eyes but Nine Inch Nails does it instantly with "Find My Way" off their new album Hesitation marks"
10. I want to be a sex therapist! Seriously! Sex amazes me... It's more complex than most people understand!
11. This year has been the most productive, most satisfying and most adventurous so far!
12. I dont like the idea of online dating sites. It kinda creeps me out.
13. I dont have many accounts on different social network sites cause I hate linking them all to update the same thing at the same time... It seems so impersonal. I like having connections with friends, family and fans :)
14. I used to have a Gaia online account!
15. I'm actually really shy so please dont take my silence as me being a bitch... I just dont know what to say without sounding like a Noob. lol
16. I dont know if I believe in Soul Mates cause it seems so rare to find one!
17. I DO play video games but because I'm always busy it's hard for me to play at all!
18. I'm disgusted that kids are looking, acting and dressing like 15 year olds these days. I'm a bit strict and traditional when it comes to that stuff...
19. I'm a addict to sweets and coffee! I have the worst sweet tooth on the planet and I HAVE to have coffee when I wake up just to function through the day!
20. I wear the perfume J'dore by Christian Dior OR Lucky You by Lucky brand